Boldly Going Where No Accounting Firm Has Gone Before

The accounting industry is rapidly changing and we are at the forefront of that change. We take advantage of available technology to be responsive to current needs. We move from being a reactionary service-based business to being a proactive product-based business that offers managed finance solutions and business value building solutions. In taking this cutting-edge approach, we free up time that was previously spent on data entry exercises to focus on quality interactions and to add value to your business.

Our business is about people, and money, and fun, and those three are equally important. Our use of technology enhances our personal relationships with our clients, giving us time to get to know you and your business so we can identify solutions to challenges and opportunities for growth. We’re not just accountants, we’re entrepreneurs and we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

CPAs for the 21st Century

We believe in working better and smarter so that we can truly achieve work/life balance. And we want that for our clients too. The old-fashioned approach of working yourself sick 24/7 to achieve success no longer applies in our technology-driven world, giving those of us who embrace it more free time and more peace of mind.

We deliver an excellent product, backed by a team of people who are experts. We also take a collaborative, team approach with our clients. They are clients of the firm and the entire team is here to help them.

While Achen Henderson values the 21st century values of freedom and collaboration, we maintain the old-fashioned values of excellence and integrity, because those will apply no matter what century you live in. We expect excellence from others and we deliver excellence to our clients, and if something goes wrong you can trust that we’ll make it right.

Our Story

Achen Henderson was formed in 2013, when partners Clayton Achen and George Henderson stepped off the hamster wheel that is the traditional accounting firm. In 2015, Carol Sadler joined as partner, bringing her considerable U.S. cross-border and Canadian tax knowledge to our firm.

Interestingly, it took several years to stop operating as a traditional accounting firm. This, of course, was because there was no model out there for what we wanted to do.

Other firms have a competitive corporate ladder structure—we wanted a collaborative structure. Other firms are focused on the past whereas we wanted to focus on the future. Other firms are proud that they’ve finally embraced ‘going paperless’ and here we were, trying to learn as many technology products as we could to free up time for ourselves and our clients.

But we’ve got it now. In early 2018, we developed three innovative service packages designed to turbocharge your business. There’s an option for you no matter what industry you’re in, how big your organization is, or the size of your budget.

Check out our service packages and discover how they can help you succeed as a business owner in a way that generations before us could never have imagined. Here’s to your success in work and life!

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