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We work with…You!

We work with business owners who want to stay in compliance while paying the least amount of tax possible. Our partners have extensive expertise in Canadian, U.S., and cross-border tax, delivering the quality you’d expect from a big four firm in a relaxed atmosphere, where you’re the most important person in the room.

Over time, we build strong relationships with our clients, becoming invested in their success. Our focus is on adding value to their organizations and we work with them to help build their businesses and, most importantly, enjoy the journey

We love to work with business owners who:

  • Want to stay in compliance while minimizing taxes
  • Are ready to go for a ride—go from good to great—and know they need help getting it done
  • Are positive people who embrace life and challenge
  • Believe that they are the most valuable asset in their company, and understand the opportunity cost of performing repetitive data-entry tasks themselves
  • Understand the value of paying for help to focus on taking their business to the next level

We work with businesses in Any Industry, including construction, professional services, cannabis, hospitality (we love brew pubs and high-end restaurants!), and sports and entertainment.

Our clients include homebuilders, welders, optometrists and doctors, hair salons, and yoga gurus. Some have been in business a long time; others have exciting startups and want our advice and services to help them get established and grow.

We only have two bosses: our clients and oUR core values. If you and your company share our values, we’re probably a great fit! We value:

  • Timeliness: We are on time with all deliverables.
  • Accountability: We hold each other accountable to our core values, and the quality of our work.
  • Transparency: We are open and honest at all times with ourselves, our Clients and our Vendors.
  • Leadership: We think and act like leaders every day, in every decision we make.
  • Integrity: We do what we say we will do.
  • Collaboration: We operate together, with our Clients, as a single coordinated effort that creates Value

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