Online Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We work with businesses across Canada to provide them with cloud-based bookkeeping, accounting and fractional CFO solutions, for less than the cost of a full-time accountant.

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We custom build a team of Chartered Professional Accountants and other experts to cover all of your company’s bookkeeping, accounting and tax needs. Our GURU team operates together as a single, coordinated effort, and, best of all, we do it all for a fixed monthly that is generally less than you’d pay for full time hire. Here are the main services we provide to our GURU customers:

Small Business Bookkeeping

Well-kept books produce better financial data which leads to financial decisions. Our industry-leading bookkeeping process ensures that you always know the status of your books. Bookkeepers in Canada face particular challenges with small-business bookkeeping, you need a bookkeeping partner that you can trust.

Accounting Software Setup

Accounting software speeds up the recording of financial transactions, allowing you to leverage our team and gain economies of scale. Our combination of accounting software and humans prepare financial data faster in order to help business owners make better financial decisions. 

Payroll Services

With technology, payroll headaches have almost become a thing of the past. Unfortunately, errors still occur. If you’re struggling with payroll problems, reducing the chance of errors can help reduce your overall stress.

Fractional CFO & Controller

CFOs translate financial transactions into actionable data for business owners to make better financial decisions. Controllers assess and improve accounting systems and ensure quality control over bookkeeping. (see Bookkeeper vs. Controller vs CFO)

Yearend Financial Statements & Tax Returns

Every business needs to prepare yearend financial statements and must file tax returns every year. We are experts in personal, corporate, and trust tax. Our Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) will make sure that you are on side with the tax authorities.


We are one of the only bookkeeping firms in Canada who has a CPA in-house who focuses exclusively on GST, HST, and PST. We help you determine what you need to collect, when you need to file, and more.

Pricing for accounting and bookkeeping services

Do you ever wish that you could hire a bookkeeper online, who was also your CPA firm? Do you wish that bookkeeping firms were experts in Canadian tax, GST, Payroll and Fractional CFO? You can, with GURU Achen Henderson. Our levels of service depend on how frequently you’d like your books reconciled, and the size of your company:

Symbol becoming Untangled


Quarterly bookkeeping for startups and solopreneurs

$500/mo year-end

  • Quarterly bookkeeping
  • Annual GST returns
  • Remuneration planning 
  • Unlimited support
  • 7-day response time
  • Cloud accounting software
  • Cloud accounting team

Untangled, is perfect for startups and solopreneurs who just want the basics. Our base level package includes cloud-based accounting and document retention software, quarterly bookkeeping, unlimited support, an annual planning meeting, as well as corporate yearend financial statement and tax return preparation.

Symbol representing Unburdened


Monthly bookkeeping for growing and stable businesses

$900/mo + year-end

  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Quarterly GST returns 
  • Quarterly planning meeting
  • Remuneration planning 
  • Unlimited support
  • 3-day response time
  • Cloud accounting software 
  • Cloud accounting team

Unburdened is our most popular package. As well as everything included in Untangled, we provide monthly bookkeeping, quarterly GST returns (as required), quarterly planning meetings, and a faster turnaround time for questions.

Symbol becoming Unleashed


Weekly bookkeeping for enterprises with day-to-day needs

$1,800/mo + year-end

  • Weekly bookkeeping
  • Monthly GST returns
  • Monthly planning meeting
  • Remuneration planning 
  • Unlimited support
  • 24-hour response time
  • Cloud accounting software 
  • Cloud accounting team

Unleashed is our most robust for package for scaling companies that need day-to-day bookkeeping support. As well as everything included in Unburdened, we offer weekly bookkeeping, monthly GST returns (as required) and monthly planning meetings.

What is our GURU cloud-based accounting system?

Guru only

We design a cloud-based accounting system for your company, drive it, and provide you with up to date, timely financial data so you can make more informed decisions to push your business forward. GURU gives businesses owners access to seamless tax services, real-time data, and unlimited human support from anywhere, at any time.

Why chose GURU by Achen Henderson?

Unlimited Support

You shouldn't have to worry about asking for help. We're right here with you, every step of the way.

Seamless Tax Services

Stay compliant on your GST, payroll, corporate and personal taxes. You'll get real-time reminders as things are coming due so that you're never behind.

Focus on What Matters

Liberate your time to focus on what really matters: your customers and your future.

Accounting Anywhere

Our team and your company’s accounting system is available at the touch of a button.

Keys to the Cloud

Easy anywhere access, great data security, backups, automatic bank feeds. Ah, nirvana!

Fixed Pricing

We know that hourly billing isn’t healthy for our relationship. That’s why we offer fixed monthly pricing.

Our Approach:

1: Scoping

Our bookkeeping team gains access to your books and meets with you to get to know your business, reporting needs, and your expectations. Our team has collaborates to produce a scope of services that fits your particular needs, and prices the work according to our experience in your industry, your company’s size and your expectations.


2: Proposal

We meet together to run through our proposal for services, which usually contains 2-3 options depending on what we learned about your during scoping. 
You select an option that suits your needs, and we get to work! 


3: Integration

We integrate into your existing systems, or build new ones, to ensure that you get accurate books delivered on time, every time. All of your deadlines, processes and expectations are documented in our workflow tools so that our GURU team, never misses beat.

We teach you and your team what we expect from you so that your books never fall behind.

4: Ongoing

We produce your company’s agreed deliverables on the timelines that we’ve agreed to during the integration phase. We send and answer questions for you in real-time in your client portal and host regular meetings to make sure we’re meeting your expectations and that you company’s financial performance.

We automatically prepare your year-ends and actively look for ways to save you tax.

Who have we helped with accounting and bookkeeping solutions?

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We will host a conversation with you, gain access to your books, scope your job and have a proposal out to you in under a week. Integration can take anywhere from 2-weeks to 3-months depending on how committed you are to the process (we go at your pace). Our fractional CFO’s general start making a meaningful difference in your business starting on day 1.

Of course! Our Chartered Professional Accountants (Canada) and Chartered Public Accountants (US) are experts in Canadian & US yearend financial statements and tax returns.

Our Canadian bookkeeping firm is partners with both Xero and QBO. Our bookkeeping process utilizes a variety of other software depending on our customer’s particular needs. You can view a list of software we support here.

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