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Accounting & Tax Pricing

Wondering what we charge? Transparency is one of our core values!

We try to apply a flat rate to our engagements wherever possible. It can be difficult to provide you with specific pricing without spending some time discussing the particulars of your situation and gathering your tax history. This is our standard minimum pricing for a variety of engagements.


Year-end financial statements & taxes*


Review engagements starts @ $10,000/year/company
Trust returns starts @ $1,800/year/trust
Bookkeeping – monthly service click here for pricing
US Corporate tax returns starts @ $1,800/year/company
Tax transactions / planning / reorganization of capital (Canadian companies) $375/hour
Tax transactions / planning / reorganization of capital (Cross border & US companies) $450/hour
Culture and Leadership consulting starts @ $2,500/month
Indirect Tax or Canadian Corporate Tax consultation and “quick questions” $500 for up to 30 minutes

Additional charges apply for:

  • Year-end bookkeeping cleanup**
  • Quarterly/monthly GST catch up
  • T4 reconciliation and preparation
  • Scanning / digitizing paper documents
  • Structuring & tax planning
  • CRA/IRS post assessment, review, & audit support. To help with these costs we recommend Audit Shield

* Includes financial report or statements, corporate tax returns, annual GST return filing and preparation, annual T5-slip filing and preparation, and a meeting with your CPA. Fixed monthly pricing is available.

** For corporate year-end work, our pricing assumes that the company’s bookkeeping is completed and correct before we begin. We may charge additional fees based on incomplete or inaccurate bookkeeping depending on the amount of work that is required to bring the company’s books and records to an acceptable standard to facilitate your tax filings.


Canadian T1 personal tax return(s) starts @ $500/year (single) $850/year (couple)*
US 1040 & 1040NR personal tax return(s) starts @ $1,250/year (1040NR)  and$1,350/year (1040)
Combined Canadian T1 + US 1040 starts @ $2,000/year (single) $2,350/year (couple)*
Estate returns starts @ $1,800/year
Final (Date of death) T1 + Estate return starts @ $2,500
US Streamlined Foreign Offshore Filing Procedures
starts @ $4,000 ($7,500 if Form 5471 corporate reporting is required)
Meeting with a Canadian tax leader starts @ $400/hour
Meeting with a US tax leader starts @ $450/hour
Initial tax consultation and “quick questions” $500 for up to 30 minutes

Additional charges apply for:

  • Calculating & reporting rental income
  • Calculating & reporting business income
  • GST return preparation and filing
  • Complex investments, capital gains, and reconciliations
  • Canadian Form T1135 – Foreign Income Verification Statement
  • Review Meeting with our Canadian and US tax leaders
  • US State Returns
  • US FBAR – Foreign Bank Account Reporting form
  • US Form 3520 – Annual return to report transactions with foreign trusts and receipts of certain foreign gifts
  • US Form 5471 – Information return of US persons with respect to certain foreign corporations
  • US Form 8621 – Information returns by a shareholder of a passive foreign investment company
  • US Form W7 – Application for IRS individual taxpayer identification
  • Scanning / digitizing paper documents
  • CRA/IRS post assessment, review, and audit support. To help with these costs we recommend Audit Shield

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not normal for CPAs to post their pricing online – why do you do it?

Transparency is a core values of ours, and we hate it when people surprise us with unexpected invoices. We believe it is important to let our future customers know our minimum charges so they can make a more informed buying decision.

How does your up-front pricing work?

Since we hate it when people surprise us with unexpected invoices, we communicate the price of every engagement before we start, whether it is a monthly or annual engagement. We spend time, up front, to get to know the particulars of your situation, and then we draft a proposal for you to sign that includes our pricing BEFORE we start the work.

Do you bill by the hour?

We believe that hourly billing is not good for our relationship. Having said that, there are certain circumstances where we must bill by the hour where it is impossible to define the full scope of work before we begin, such as with tax consulting work and bookkeeping catch-up / clean-up work.

I have a sole proprietorship, can you help me?

We are happy to prepare the year-end personal tax return(s) for individuals who have a sole proprietorship, however we do not offer bookkeeping or business consulting services to unincorporated businesses at this time. If you are thinking about incorporating your business, check out our article “Should I incorporate” for free help in making your decision.

I’m not currently your customer, and I just have a quick tax question; it will only take a minute. Can you help me?

Yes! We offer an ‘initial tax consultation’ that includes up to 30 minutes with one of our tax leaders for $250-$500.

I’m a little apprehensive about your pricing, can you help me understand your value?

Hiring one of the best business success firms around is an investment, we take the time to get it right and we focus heavily on our customers. We’ve had many customers tell us that not only have we saved them time and given them a deeper understanding of their business, but they are able to use their extra time, knowledge, and resources to earn more income and focus more on achieving their goals. But you don’t have to take it from us, just ask our customers what they think about us and the value that we bring to their businesses.

I’m interested in working with Achen Henderson, but I’m still a bit confused about your pricing?

No problem! Presuming you are OK with our basic minimum pricing, please click the button below to reach out to our team. We’ll have a conversation with you, and gather some preliminary information such as bookkeeping and tax filing history, and then give you a clear idea about what your pricing will be. We call this process “Scoping”, and it’s free to you.

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