Brewery Accounting Solutions

If you own a brewery and a taproom, you have a lot on your mind. Brewing beer used to be fun before the administrative nightmare of licensing, Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) reporting, excise duties, labour laws, and so many other regulations that change year after year.

Did you know?

The average Alberta restaurant that is closed on Mondays saves $125 per stat per empoyee under the September 2019 holiday pay changes

Over 60% of small breweries manage their inventory in excel

The average brewery owner spends 17.5 hours per week on accounting and payroll

Most brewery owners do not have an up-to-date budget or cashflow forecast for the next 6 months

100% of small brewers under-estimated the red tape at the AGLC

A thorough plan for your brewery accounting and brewery inventory system streamlines operations; freeing up your time and empowering you to make more informed decisions. Outsourcing the day-to-day administration gives you more time for developing and marketing delicious recipes; which increases your bewery’s chances of success.

Here are some of the ways we help breweries thrive

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Alberta Brewery Consulting

  • Help you develop a business plan, financial forecast, and equity structure to help you access capital
  • Help you understand and meet the Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) licensing requirements
  • Help you understand and comply with AGLC reporting
  • Help you establish a system of bar codes and product codes for tracking kegs and cans in the AGLC’s Liquor Agency Portal (LAP) for both the consignment and Liquor Connect systems
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Inventory System
Brew Process System

  • Track ingredients and finished goods inventory in real-time
  • Forecast when you’ll need to buy more ingredients and brew more beer
  • View production processes and statistics and calculate production costs
  • Maintain brew logs and equipment records for future batches
  • Monitor your sales pipeline from point of sale to delivery
  • Create and send invoices
  • Analyze sales trends and profit margins so you know where to focus
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  • Keep track of expenses and expense reports
  • Ensure that your brewery’s books are always up to date and consistently accurate
  • Handle your time-tracking and payroll so that your employees, contractors, and the CRA are always paid on time and accurately
  • Prepare your yearend financial statements
  • Prepare your yearend corporate tax returns
  • File your GST returns on time, every time
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Cash Flow

  • Beautiful cash flow budgets and forecasts that give you insights into your future
  • We’ll help you interpret your brewery’s financial results and give you ideas on how to improve them
  • We work with business owners to create cultures that work. We help with everything from Leadership to hiring and team development, to business strategy and marketing
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“Achen Henderson has been great to work with; I am not the strongest business minded person on my team and Clayton guided the conversation in a way that was understandable, encouraging and direct to the success of our business. They listen to the needs of our company and offer modern solutions to dusty paper problems. 

I would highly recommend getting on a call with the team at Achen Henderson to discover what they can do for your business.”

~ Laura Coles, Owner – Prairie Dog Brewing

Your cpa for breweries: Quickbooks, Xero, Ekos and more

We know the challenges that you are facing because we have been working with craft brewers for years. Let us help you with your brewery reporting, accounting, and payroll so that you can spend more time making beer and growing your business.

Up late planning tomorrow? Up early checking the bank balances? We are right there with you every step of the way, no matter how big or small your business is. 

It all starts right here, imagine the possibilities.