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Brewery Accounting

Tax accountant for breweries and distillers

We love the complex world of brewery accounting, and we know that specialized industry expertise is complex for brewery owners to find. We have built solutions to cater to every financial need that breweries have across Canada. We are your complete brewery finance team, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full brewery finance team.

Specialist Brewery Accountants

Our suite of services, specifically tailored for the brewing industry, includes:

We’ve been working with breweries for over 10 years. Our locally brewed team will quickly understand your entire ecosystem and offer advice unique to your situation.

We’ll handle the details and your books so you can focus on keeping the country smiling on a Friday evening! 


Did You Know?

  • The average Alberta restaurant closed on Mondays saves $125 per stat per employee due to the September 2019 holiday pay changes.
  • Over 60% of small breweries manage their inventory in Excel.
  • Most brewery owners need better processes for financial forecasting or budgeting and need a cash flow forecast for the upcoming six months.
  • Every small brewer underestimates the administrative challenges of their provincial liquor agency.
  • The average brewery owner dedicates 17.5 hours weekly to accounting and payroll.

Benefits of working with a specialist accountant for your brewery

  • Access to better and faster data ensures optimal results.
  • Partnerships with leading software providers such as BrewNinja, Ekos QBO, and Xero.
  • Clear insights into your brewery’s profitability and growth opportunities.
  • Cloud-based communications, accountability, and transparency at the touch of a button.
  • Timely and accurate results.
  • Business support that is tailored to your needs.

Accounting and bookkeeping software we support

We pride ourselves on staying updated with the latest and most effective brewery-specific software in the market

  • BrewNinja: An all-in-one solution to manage everything from batch tracking to sales and inventory.
  • Ekos: Streamlines production, sales, and accounting processes.
  • Xero: Trusted globally for real-time financial clarity.
  • QBO: Simplifying complex financial tasks for law professionals.
  • Wagepoint, Payment Evolution, Plootov, and more! 

Why breweries love Achen Henderson

This has been my first year with Achen Henderson CPAs. I'm very happy that I decided to make the move from the larger corporate accounting firm that I was previously using. They have been great handling my three companies and my personal taxes. The team is knowledgeable, professional, organized, and they follow through with what they say they're going to do. I look forward to working with them to help grow my businesses in the years to come.
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Micheal Lambert Avatar
Micheal Lambert
East Village Pub + Eatery
Clayton at Achen Henderson has been great to work with; I am not the strongest business minded person on my team and Clayton guided the conversation in a way that was understandable, encouraging and direct to the success of our business. He listened to the needs of our company and offered modern solutions to dusty paper problems. I would highly recommend getting on a call with the team at Achen Henderson to discover what they can do for your business.
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Laura Coles Avatar
Laura Coles
Prairie Dog Brewing
Clayton and the other CPAs at Achen Henderson have been wonderful to work with -- they have really helped us grow from an idea into a full-fledged operation with 40 employees. One of the things I appreciate the most about Achen Henderson is their appreciation for and use of modern technology, which makes it easy for us to integrate all of our different systems and provide accurate, up-to-date information to owners, lenders and investors with minimal bookkeeping effort and expense. Their systems also make it super easy to get work done remotely, which gives us a lot more flexibility and a better quality of life for our staff.
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Gerad Coles Avatar
Gerad Coles
Prairie Dog Brewing
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Unleash Financial Success for Your Brewery

Up late planning tomorrow? Up early checking the bank balances? We are right there with you every step of the way, no matter how big or small your business is. 

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