Real Estate Accounting made simple

Real estate agents sell trust, are they are very busy people. Between meetings with clients and chasing down leads the last thing they want to do is sort through- expenses. Agents are typically business owners who incur different types of expenses from their brokerages. Some agents and brokers build up larger teams, including administrative assistants, so that they can manage the administration that comes with higher deal flow. Calgary has had a rought couple years in commercial and residential real-estate, the time has never been better to increase efficiency and reduce administration so that your team can focus on finding new business.

Did you know?

50% of real estate agents do not have an effective CRM tool

75% of real estate agents are at least 6 months behind on their bookkeeping

The majority of real estate agents do not track financial performance metrics in their companies

100% of real estate agents hate keeping track of their expenses

A well thought out real estate accounting, expense and CRM system streamlines operations; freeing up your time and empowering you to close more deals. Outsourcing bookkeeping for real estate gives you more time to help your clients dreams come true.

Here are some of the ways we help Real Estate companies thrive

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  • Keep track of expenses and expense reports
  • Manage the accounting for your real estate company, making sure it’s always up to date and consistently accurate
  • Handle your time-tracking and payroll so that your employees and the CRA are always paid on time and accurately
  • Prepare your yearend financial statements
  • Prepare your yearend corporate tax returns
  • Calculate and file your GST
  • Take advantage of all available tax deductions and optomize your structure for tax purposes
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Cash flow forecasting
Culture and Leadership

  • Beautiful cash flow budgets and forecasts that give you insights into your future
  • We’ll help you interpret your Real Estate company’s financial results and give you ideas on how to improve them
  • Specific KPIs such as sales by associate and deal specific margin tracking so that you can know which type of deals are the most profitable
  • We work with business owners to develop their leadership skills and create cultures that work. We help with everything from leadership to hiring and team development, to business strategy and marketing

CPAs for real estate agents: Quickbooks, Xero and more

We know the challenges that you are facing because we have been helping real estate agents for years. Whatever system you’re using now, we’ll meet you where you are and help you build a system that works. Let us manage your real estate company’s reporting, accounting, and payroll so that you can spend more time creating clarity and growing your business. 

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“Achen Henderson has looked after my accounting since I have opened my doors. They strive to be ahead of the curve when it comes to accounting (hard, right?) increasing their efficiency, helping my business run more efficiently and profitably. 

They have done a wonderful job of streamlining my business and I recommend them to any company big or small.”

~ Kyle Stone, Sothebys Realty

Up late planning tomorrow? Up early checking the bank balances? We are right there with you every step of the way, no matter how big or small your business is. 

It all starts right here, imagine the possibilities.