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Virtual CFO Services

Discover the benefits of a virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for your business. A virtual CFO provides strategic financial guidance and oversight remotely, offering insights into financial planning, budgeting, and more. At Achen Henderson CPAs, our virtual CFO services support businesses looking to expand their team or accounting capabilities from anywhere, providing expertise to drive success.

Who benefits from Virtual CFOs?

Virtual CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) can offer significant value to various types of businesses, especially those looking for flexible financial expertise without the commitment of a full-time CFO. Businesses that can benefit the most from virtual CFO services include:

Startups and Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses often have limited resources but require strategic financial planning to grow. Virtual CFOs provide cost-effective solutions for these businesses, offering expertise in financial management, budgeting, and forecasting.

Online Businesses

Online businesses, particularly e-commerce ventures, can benefit from virtual CFOs who understand the unique financial challenges of the digital marketplace. They can help with revenue forecasting, cost management, and optimizing financial processes tailored to the online business model.

Companies with Remote Teams 

Businesses with remote or distributed teams can benefit from virtual CFOs who can provide financial guidance regardless of geographic location. Virtual CFOs can effectively manage financial operations and provide insights to support remote workforce growth.

Companies in Transition

Businesses undergoing transitions such as mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring can benefit from virtual CFOs who can provide financial expertise during these critical phases. Virtual CFOs can assist in financial due diligence, integration planning, and financial strategy development.

Companies with Limited In-House Financial Expertise

Businesses that do not have a dedicated in-house finance team or have limited financial expertise can leverage virtual CFO services to access high-level financial advice and guidance on an as-needed basis.


Businesses looking for scalable, cost-effective financial leadership and expertise can gain the most from virtual CFO services. These services offer flexibility, specialized skills, and strategic insights tailored to the specific needs of each business.


Services our team covers

  • Virtual CFO Services: Strategic financial planning and oversight
  • Financial Reporting: Customized financial reporting and analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Comprehensive budgeting and forecasting solutions
  • Cash Flow Management: Cash flow analysis and optimization strategies
  • Virtual Bookkeeping: Online bookkeeping services for accurate financial records
  • Virtual Accounting: Remote accounting services for day-to-day financial management
  • Virtual Tax Planning: Tax planning and optimization strategies tailored to your business

A virtual bookkeeping and accounting firm with a difference

At Achen Henderson CPAs, our virtual CFO services provide for exceptional client care, regardless of distance. We focus on:

  • Personalized Attention: Despite being virtual, our clients receive personalized attention from our virtual CFOs who take the time to understand their business needs and goals.

  • Communication Excellence: We prioritize clear and consistent communication with our clients, ensuring that they are always informed and involved in the financial decision-making process.

  • Tech-Savvy Approach: Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we seamlessly integrate with our clients’ systems, providing real-time financial insights and support.

  • Flexible Engagement: Our virtual CFO services are flexible, allowing businesses to scale their financial management resources according to their evolving needs.

  • Strategic Guidance: Our virtual CFOs provide strategic financial guidance that goes beyond traditional accounting, helping businesses make informed decisions and achieve their long-term objectives.

  • Accessibility: Through virtual platforms, our clients have easy access to our team, allowing for efficient collaboration and support regardless of their location.

  • Proactive Problem Solving: We take a proactive approach to identify and address financial challenges, providing solutions that align with our clients’ business strategies.

  • Expertise in Compliance: With a deep understanding of tax laws and regulations, our team of professionals ensure that our clients remain compliant with all financial and regulatory requirements.

Our virtual CFOs are not only technologically advanced and efficient but also highly personal and attentive to our clients’ needs, regardless of their physical location.

Our cloud-based approach

We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge cloud-based approach, setting us apart as a modern and forward-thinking firm. Our cloud-based structure offers several advantages, including:

  • Easy Access to Financial Data: Our clients can access their financial data securely and conveniently from anywhere with an internet connection. This accessibility allows for real-time monitoring and decision-making.

  • Seamless Collaboration: With our cloud-based infrastructure, our teams can collaborate seamlessly, regardless of their geographic locations. This means that our clients benefit from the collective expertise of our entire team, no matter where they are located.

  • Virtual Meetings: We leverage video conferencing and virtual meeting tools to connect with our clients and teams across the country or around the world. This capability ensures that our clients receive the same level of service and attention, regardless of their location.

  • Enhanced Security: Our cloud-based systems are designed with robust security measures to protect our clients’ sensitive financial information. This ensures that their data remains safe and confidential at all times.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: The cloud-based nature of our services allows us to scale our operations and adapt to our clients’ changing needs quickly. Whether our clients are growing rapidly or adjusting to market changes, our cloud-based infrastructure can accommodate their requirements.

By embracing a cloud-based approach, we are able to offer our clients a level of convenience, accessibility, and security that sets us apart from traditional firms. Our modern business structure is designed to deliver exceptional service and support to our clients, wherever they may be.

Experts from an experienced virtual accounting firm

Our team has invested in a robust cloud-based infrastructure that allows us to deliver seamless and secure virtual accounting services to our clients. This infrastructure enables us to access and manage financial data remotely, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in our operations.

We are experts at collaborating remotely, because we have always done it this way. This creates flexibility in how we work with our clients, and opens up opportunities for us to hire the best talent from around Canada and the world to best serve you.

We prioritize the security and compliance of our clients’ financial data. Our cloud-based systems are equipped with robust security measures and adhere to industry standards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.