Bringing the Fun into Business

Managed Financial Services for the Entrepreneur

Business should be fun, right? You’re an entrepreneur because you want to enjoy yourself instead of working every day for someone else. Sure, you want the challenges of business ownership and you continue to embrace those. But that doesn’t mean you’re eager to live every day with the headaches.

The good news is that you don’t have to. Owning a business is fun when the headaches are removed. Headaches like cash flow issues, not having the financial information you need, or plateauing and being unable to achieve the sales or growth that you expected.

We make owning your business the fun adventure it should be by taking care of the things you struggle with. Maybe you just need to untangle yourself from a few thorny issues, like poor bookkeeping and payroll issues. Or perhaps you need information to unburden yourself from the fear of making the wrong decision. Maybe you’re finally ready to unleash your business so it can achieve its full potential.

Accounting Services Packages

All of our packages include:

  • Dedicated team of accountants
  • Phone support and online chat support (business hours)
  • Monthly meetings to review your financial results
  • Quarterly meetings with our Executive Services Team to discuss your goals and challenges

For private companies, including professionals, and start ups that want to reduce stress and focus on what they do well instead of the back end of their business. Untangled small business accounting includes all our baseline services that are included in every package because they make running a business so much easier and more enjoyable.

For business leaders of companies with employees that count on them to succeed and who need support and solid information to make strong business decisions. Our Unburdened financial management services help you feel in control of where your business is headed and you can make decisions with confidence.

For established businesses that want to achieve new levels of growth or owners who are preparing to sell their businesses in the next few years. Our Unleashed business value enhancement package is a premium service offering that empowers you to skyrocket your business to unimaginable heights while eliminating unnecessary stress and giving you more time to focus on your life.

Monthly fees for each package are based on the size of your business in terms of number of annual transactions, annual revenues, and number of employees.

Your Partner in Success

When you sign up for an Achen Henderson service package, you have our entire team and all our expertise at your fingertips. Our first step is getting to know you and your business. This allows us to customize solutions and recommendations so that they meet your needs and actually work for you.

Working together, we’ll help you chart your course and move forward so you can achieve your dreams and build a rock star of a business. How much we help is up to you.

Whatever level of assistance you need, we can deliver.

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