Client Spotlight: Dr. Bonnie Kwok

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Located in Southcenter Mall in Calgary, AB Dr. Bonnie Kwok’s family optometric practice is focused on family eyecare, and a great company culture where folks love to come to work.

We sat down with Dr. Bonnie Kwok to ask her about her experience working with Achen Henderson, and how we have helped Unleash her business:

Key Takeaways 

1:19 I felt like more could be done to make my life easier. Since coming to in Henderson everyone’s being paid on time there’s no mistakes there’s no fixing anything because it was done properly the first time, which I really, really appreciate.
1:44 You guys obviously lots of apps. my cell phone doesn’t leave my sight so having all the apps on there and being able to do basically all my all my work-related stuff on there is very important. Having all the apps being linked to one another so that if I, for instance, snap a picture of my receipts from for buying some supplies or something like that, it goes into hubdoc and that it lines up at the end of the day.
2:30 The time I’ve been able to save from delegating with the tasks of accounting and payroll to it can Henderson, I reinvest at that time into attending lectures conferences so that I’m better able to care for my patients. I’m able to provide them with the most up-to-date and best care.
3:24 [Achen Henderson] lets you focus on the real goals of your business. Let Henderson do what they’re good at so that you’re able to do what you’re good at.
3:29 [with] the returns that you gain [from working with Achen Henderson], you’ll hardly notice you’ll hardly notice the cost, it’s well worth it.
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