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Achen Henderson is looking for a full-time experienced Bookkeeper who is comfortable working directly with clients and has experience operating in an entirely cloud-based software environment.

As a bookkeeper at Achen Henderson, you will work with a highly qualified team of peers ensuring high quality control and adherence to client deadlines with regards to accounting and payroll. For the most part, you will be responsible for the implementation and management of cloud-based accounting systems such as Xero and QBO. Efficiency and focusing on customer deliverables is the name of the game.

On a strategic level, you will work directly with our Bookkeeping Leader and Client Experience Leader (C.E.L) to understand our client’s accounting and reporting challenges and to develop automated, cloud-based solutions to those challenges. Our C.E.L. is responsible for project management and managing our client’s expectations, while you and your team are the technical gurus, innovating and delivering results. This role is highly engaging and highly interactive.

You will have the ongoing support of all AH resources, including our various professional teams, in order to deliver timely and accurate accounting and payroll services. Extensive accounting and bookkeeping experience are required as you are expected to implement and manage the bookkeeping and payroll for our customers. Our bookkeepers will also assist the compliance department with a-la-carte bookkeeping work as it arises.

Achen Henderson is 100% cloud based and uses only cloud-based accounting platforms. A detailed working knowledge and advance certifications in Xero, QBO, Receipt Bank, Hubdoc, Plooto, Wagepoint, Payment Evolution, Expensify, Invoice Sherpa, etc… are a plus.

We welcome entrepreneurs who already own a bookkeeping practice and have their own clients. It is very likely that our advanced bookkeeping automation systems and strategic alliances will be an excellent fit for your clients and will help you scale with us.

Salary, wages, benefits and bonus are determined by your experience and fit. All our Stakeholders are paid near the top 5% in their respective areas of expertise.

Who are we and why do we exist?

Achen Henderson (“AH”) is a cutting edge, fast growing and well-established business success and professional services firm. We hire self-managed, highly motivated individuals who embody our shared Vision and Mission. Achen Henderson deploys an innovative combination of technology and professional services that is unique in Canada. We offer flexibly and remote work opportunities, broad professional growth potential, profit sharing and benefits.

Our Vision

AH is a leading-edge technology-based financial services firm. We are tier 1 service providers and we’re here to help entrepreneurs and business leaders build great companies.

We believe that business leaders should have support to allow them to focus on the future and on increasing the value of their company. We believe that precise and immediate financial results, insights and guidance are critical for business leaders to realize their potential. We believe that technology is best suited to quickly and accurately capture and process data; and that people should be engaged in data entry as little as possible.

We believe in matching our destiny to our client’s successes which is why we charge based on value, not based on time.

We see problems as opportunities, and we say “no” to working with companies who do not share our Vision so that we can give the ones that do our focus.

We believe that our sum is greater than anyone of us and that, together, we will increase the rate of private company success.

Our Mission

We deliver custom Managed Financial Services; we become our client’s virtual finance department.

We engage in mindful collaboration with our clients so that we can understand their goals and objectives. We form strategic alliances for our clients to ensure growth and opportunity.

We give business leaders the tools, information, and guidance they need to thrive, grow revenues, manage costs, make more informed decisions, and focus on what matters the most – their clients.

Our Core Values

  • Timeliness: We are on time with all deliverables.
  • Accountability: We hold each other accountable to our core values and the quality of our work.
  • Transparency: We are open and honest at all times with ourselves, our Clients, and our Vendors.
  • Leadership: We think and act like leaders every day, in every decision we make.
  • Integrity: We do what we say we will do.
  • Collaboration: We operate together, with our Clients, as a single coordinated effort that creates Value.

What are Managed Financial Services?

AH manages and oversees the integrated and seamless combination of technology, strategic alliances, and in-house expertise to provide our clients with a high-performance virtual finance department. We package these services together and charge a flat monthly fee that is based on the value that we create for our clients. We provide up-to-date information to business leaders about their companies, in easy to understand terms, so that they can make more informed decisions. We call this “Managed Financial Services”.

AH’s Managed Financial Services include:

  • Full cycle accounting and reporting
  • Real-time, always up-to-date, accurate bookkeeping
  • Yearend financial statement and tax return preparation
  • Human Resource solutions: payroll, direct deposits, government remittances, ROEs, and year-end T-Slip preparation
  • Accounts Receivable collection and monitoring
  • Accounts Payable management and payment
  • Expense report management
  • Executive (‘C-Suite’) Services including:
    • Budgets, Forecasts, and KPI development and tracking
    • Advanced Management reporting
    • Business value analysis, value gap planning, and value creation tools and training
    • Culture analysis and planning
    • Leadership training
    • Process mapping and custom process 

Job Description – Bookkeeper

Our bookkeepers are our Managed Financial Service client’s quality control and technical accounting resource. They take personal responsibility to ensure that our clients are receiving accurate and timely accounting and payroll deliverables as prepared by our well-established bookkeeping team.

Bookkeepers work directly with our Bookkeeping Leaders and Client Experience Leaders (our Managed Financial Service client’s primary touchpoint) to ensure the flawless delivery of Achen Henderson’s Managed Financial Services.

Ethos and Skills of a bookkeeper

• Extremely organized and focused on timely and accurate accounting and payroll deliverables;
• Highly proficient communicator, able to remotely lead our bookkeeping team;
• Team player and capable collaborator who can understand what our clients need and then coordinate with the correct AH professional teams and strategic alliances to deliver results;
• Has a high capacity for learning, retention and logic. Our bookkeepers must become familiar with complex business systems and several cloud-based software solutions very quickly;
• Self-starter who will get comfortable with our existing systems quickly, and use their autonomy to transform and improve systems to improve our client’s delivery model;
• Comfortable with Cloud computing; will work in an entirely SaaS based environment;
• A firm understanding of accounting principles and financial reporting. Extensive accounting experience is required.


AH has well established and documented process maps for all internal functions. We use a comprehensive workflow management suite to keep track of ongoing work and to notify us of upcoming work. We offer comprehensive, on the job training to get you up to speed with our systems and your job requirements.

Managed Financial Services is a new service which we have spent a good amount of time building and documenting. You will start with the systems that we’ve built and the lessons that we’ve learned and make the role your own with a focus on accurate and timely deliverables. You are expected to refine existing systems and bookkeeping policies and design new ones in order to ensure a seamless and positive experience for our clients.


Although it is not a requirement, you are encouraged to participate in sales and marketing. We offer commission to any Stakeholder who organically secures new business for AH.


AH is a participation age company. All AH Stakeholders are accountable to all other AH Stakeholders and, of course, to our customers. You are expected to provide regular (at least bi-weekly) progress reports as to the status and progress of your work to the entire team during team check-ins.

You are expected to participate in various AH cross functional leadership teams depending on your desires and competencies. Cross functional teams may include: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Process Design, Compliance, Administration.

Performance metrics

Each Stakeholder at AH is encouraged to participate in setting out their own performance metrics based on their abilities and contributions. Below are examples of performance metrics on which you will be measured for the purposes of profit sharing:

• Accuracy, measured by errors in accounting and payroll – or lack thereof;
• Timeliness, measured by on-time deliverables;
• Efficiency, measured by the automation of as many data entry tasks as possible, lessening human inputs wherever possible;
• Client satisfaction, measured by client surveys and referrals;
• Issue identification, measured by new services delivered or solutions presented;


We offer a base salary which will vary widely depending on the ethos, experience, and fit of the candidate + sales commissions after 6-months + profit sharing after 6-months + on the job training. We offer a great medical and insurance benefits package after 3-months of employment, including an HSA and a wellness account. We welcome you to work in our South Calgary office, and we also provide great technology for working remotely.


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