CRA Tax Guide: Your Questions Answered

As a business owner, you want to minimize the chance of being flagged by the CRA for any reason.

Responding to CRA inquiries related to your filings can be costly and time consuming and adds another level of stress. Understanding your obligations, the deadlines for filing various returns, and the penalties for non-compliance is critical.

Canada Revenue Agency Tax Guide

In this section of our site, you’ll learn about:


Type of Business Ownership

The various types of business ownership and the tax requirements related to each type

CRA Contacts, Accounts, & Scams

How to contact CRA, CRA scams (i.e., when it’s not the CRA contacting you), and CRA accounts

Assessments and Reviews

CRA Assessments & Reassessments

The types of CRA assessments and reassessments and what you can do if you receive a reassessment

CRA Reviews – Personal Tax

The CRA review programs for personal tax returns and your rights as a taxpayer

CRA Requests – Corporate Tax

CRA requests for information and the steps you can take to protect yourself from an audit

Filing, deadlines, penalties

T1 Personal Tax Returns

The tax filing deadline, obligations, and penalties related to your personal tax return

T2 Corporate Tax Returns

Everything you need to know related to your T2 corporation income tax return

T3 Trust & Estate Returns

Obligations, deadlines, and penalties related to a T3 trust return and estate returns

T5018 Subcontractor Payments

Information about T5018 Subcontractor Payments

T5 Statement of Investment Income

The obligations, deadlines, and penalties of the CRA for T5 Statement of Investment Income

T5013 Partnership Information Returns

T5013 partnership information returns and their related obligations and deadlines

NR4 Non-resident Withholding Tax

Non-resident withholding tax for corporations that make certain payments to non-residents


CRA payroll obligations, deadlines, penalties, and interest


CRA GST filing requirements, deadlines, and penalties

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