CRA Contact, Online Accounts, & CRA Scams

Contacting the CRA: Telephone Numbers

  • General Business Inquiries: 1-800-959-5525
  • Individual Inquiries: 1-800-959-8281
  • General Charities Inquiries: 1-800-267-2384

(Press the * key if you want to skip the automated system and speak to an actual person.)

CRA Scams

If you receive a phone call from the ‘CRA’ stating that you have missed a tax payment and the police are coming to get you if you don’t make an immediate tax payment, hang up (or have some fun with it). This is not the CRA; this is a SCAM.

The CRA would never call you and say these types of things. If the CRA does call you demanding payment, tell them to call your accountant to sort through the details!

Similarly, the CRA cannot be emailed and they do not send email or text messages. If you receive an email or a text message from the CRA demanding payment—it is a SCAM.

CRA Business Number

What is your CRA business number and where do you find it? How do you register your business?

Your business number is a nine-digit number provided to you by the CRA when your business was registered. The nine-digit number is followed by a suffix, which is your program account identifier.

  • Corporate account: All corporations have this; it ends in RC000X, where “X” represents a single digit.
  • Payroll account: If your business is registered for a payroll account, the account number ends in RP
  • Form account: If your corporation pays dividends or if your business pays subcontractors, the account number ends in RZ
  • GST account: If your business is registered for GST, the account number ends in RT
  • Non-resident account: If your business makes certain types of payments to non-residents, such as dividends or franchise fees, the account number is formatted NRF XXXXX X.

Your business number can be found on any correspondence you receive from the CRA.

CRA Online Access

My Business Account

You can sign up to view your business’s CRA program account balances and transactions and to receive online mail and update your business account information, such as mailing address, using My Business Account. Every business owner should be registered. You can sign up for My Business Account here.

My Account (for individuals)

Similarly, you can review all of your personal tax filings, T-slips, account balances, payments, notices of assessment, and other online mail as well as update your personal tax information, such as your address, using My Account. Register for My Account here.

Represent a Client

This is your accountant, bookkeeper, or other individual’s access to your business or individual CRA online accounts. When your accountant sends you form RC59 (business) or T1013 (personal) to sign, they are attempting to gain access to your online accounts by registering for a RepID.

The CRA has more information about registering for RepID.

Alberta Corporate Account Number (CAN)

Every corporation incorporated in Alberta will be assigned an Alberta Corporate Account Number (CAN). If your corporation is not incorporated in Alberta but it does business in Alberta, you may be required to register for a CAN. You business account number is the same number that is on your Alberta Certificate of Incorporation.

Alberta Tax and Revenue Online Access

The Tax and Revenue Administration Client Self-Service (TRACS) is a secure online system for authorized Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Tax and Revenue Administration’s (TRA) corporate and commodity taxpayers, claimants, and filers to conveniently conduct business with TRA. Business owners should be registered. You can register for TRACS here.

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