Client Spotlight: Element Land Surveys

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Located in Calgary, Element Land Surveys is a family-owned and operated survey company serving the construction industry. Their unique measuring equipment, designed to assist the solar panel industry, is one example of how the company looks at business differently.

We sat down with James Durrant, Element’s Owner and President, to ask him about his experience working with Achen Henderson, and how we have helped Unleash his business:

Key Takeaways 

0:35- Business owners wear many hats, and accounting tends to be put on the back burner even though it’s critical to operate.  Achen Henderson manages the accounting and provides a clear understanding of where your business is at, and that’s why Element made the switch.

1:02– Better every day. Learning from projects in the past, and applying them to become better, is their #1 core value.

1:14– Achen Henderson helps identify deficiencies, implement processes, keep things organized, and flowing smoothly.  

1:42– Achen Henderson is different than other firms because they’re focused on small business success. They’re relatable, committed, and help find solutions necessary to grow and thrive.

2:31– Selecting software can be hard. Knowing exactly what you need software to do isn’t always obvious. Achen Henderson helps zero in on what your company needs from a software and then helps implement it. One of the biggest parts of software deployment is cultural buy-in at the company, and Achen Henderson helps with that culture shift.

4:28 – Achen Henderson is there when you need them. When you have questions, Achen Henderson has answers, and they have them fast.

4:46 – Professional Accountants, Achen Henderson does more than just books! They have a vested interested and truly care about helping your business succeed.

5:07– Automated Accounting has many benefits. Utilizing Achen Henderson’s automated accounting makes things more efficient, plain and simple. Everything is digital and paperless. With reporting and accounting integrations, all efforts are streamlined and coordinated.

5:41– Advanced Management Reporting means more efficient operations. Achen Henderson helps businesses identify which sales verticals are worth investing in and where there are deficiencies. While you may always want to say yes, some projects are not profitable or worthwhile. Advanced management reporting allows you to identify the areas you accel and make educated decisions.

7:21– Culture & Leadership is a huge benefit of working with Achen Henderson. The ability to work with the Crankset Group in concert with Achen Henderson has helped focus thoughts, train emerging leaders, and give more clarity on everyone’s role and expectations. The common theme is more efficiency and productivity.

8:18– Working with Achen Henderson has enabled a culture shift at Element. Team members roles are clear and defined, leadership and management are strong role models, and communication is more open between all individuals and departments than ever before.

8:39 – DO IT. Element Land Surveys has “come such a long way since working with Achen Henderson, in just 6 months. Do it, make the switch! ”

Thank-you James for sharing your experiences and for the opportunity to help Element Land Surveys Thrive. We love working with you and your team, and we are committed to your success, and the success of all of our clients.

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